Oct 14

Wayleave Agreement Underground Cables

It is also worth mentioning that these agreements are relatively easy to conclude and that the valuation fees paid by the electricity company to the agents are more than sufficient, given the actual work that comes into each agreement. Of course, I`m a bit biased, but as a claims trader at PCC, we don`t take a percentage of the client`s fees because there`s really no need, it`s an exaggeration. We only charge a 20% pass fee plus VAT, which is payable to you after payment from the power company under a new contract. Please note that we operate on a no-pay and no-fee basis, which means there are no fees to pay unless we manage to get a new deal. Hi just a few quick questions to see if you can recommend me. In the summer, I was coming home from a walk and found 2 workers within open range piercing the back of my house, just a box and black fiber threads. Also, it will save a fight later if they move the bar and only then you ask for the connection and you don`t like the quote. Once the pole is moved, you have to expose yourself to some kind of Wayleave agreement (I guess) so that you have lost your bargaining power..