Oct 13

Usc Social Work Learning Agreement

No remuneration or payment is paid by the agencies or organizations to the students (except after prior consultation) or to the university for the reception of a student. Students who complete an unpaid internship are covered by the University`s insurance policies for workers` compensation and liability insurance. Field agencies should offer “in vivo” experiences relevant to academic content. On the other hand, the student is expected to apply academic knowledge, social and work skills, critical thinking, professional behavior, ethics and values learned in the classroom to practice directly. The field internship, also known as a student internship, is a series of courses that typically gains more than four semesters. Official moa or contract agencies are located throughout the country and represent a wide range of social services and practices. Field Education is an independent and integral sequence of the MSW program. Students are suspended from selected and organised internships, based on the Education Policy Standards (EPAS) and the Nine Core Competencies of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Field Education attempts to apply and integrate the knowledge, theories and concepts of social work practice that has been learned throughout the curriculum. The MSW-Student/Kandidat has the unique challenge of acquiring knowledge and skills to learn the principles of the social work profession and the code of ethics in the classroom and field internships. Field agencies are recognized sites, based on the quality of professional practices, commitment to the management of social problems and interest in participation in the professional training of MSW students. The field agency is responsible for providing learning opportunities representative of social work practice in the student`s region and/or community.

A few other examples of organizations that have recently hosted USC students in social work are: MSW interns are supported by field instructors appointed by the Agency and approved by the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Field instructors are committed to teaching and maintaining the values, ethics, and skills of the social work profession and must meet the following requirements for supervising students in field internships: Field instructors play a crucial role in the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Field Training Experience. They allow students to combine existing life and work knowledge with the development of new professional skills. Students must participate in onboarding meetings before and during the internship in order to prepare for and exchange an internship experience. Students also have assessment scores during the internship, including a learning agreement and a final essay. MSW students are brought together with different social service agencies, government agencies, private organizations or even non-traditional social work institutions…