Apr 13

Tesco Mobile Credit Agreement

2.7 Legitimate possession of the SIM card and, if applicable, mobile phones will not be transferred to you until we have delivered the item. The risk of damage or loss of an item is transferred to you if an item is delivered. 1.2 Tesco Mobile monthly pay-pay service is provided for a minimum term of the contract in accordance with paragraph 4 and at a rate or rate valid for that minimum term of the contract. The price displayed for the monthly mobile payment service Tesco and the rates provided by each tariff are set on www.tescomobile.com or in the corresponding marketing materials. As guaranteed by the Tesco Mobile fare promise, we will not increase the monthly subscription price of your Tesco Mobile Pay monthly subscription for the duration of your minimum contract. There is a fee for any use outside of your extra minutes, texts or data, and the rate of these fees can be changed and published on www.tescomobile.com or in the corresponding marketing materials. Price changes beyond our control, such as national VAT changes. B can be passed on. If you purchased your mobile phone with a credit contract, your minimum period is only for your Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly fare. 12.3 If, subject to paragraph 6.1, we increase service rates outside of your Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly rates or if we change the terms of this service agreement to your detriment (in our reasonable opinion), we will notify you in writing for 30 days before the changes are made. We will notify you in writing or by SMS to your mobile phone number and/or by email if you have provided us with your email address for this purpose. 11.2 You agree to: (a) provide us with the information we reasonably request under this service contract and that any factual information you provide us is accurate. (b) take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to your SIM card and mobile phone or unauthorized use or theft of the SIM card and mobile phone.

(c) Use your SIM card, mobile handset and Tesco Mobile Pay monthly service in the manner described in user manuals or other instructions we publish. (d) that the SIM card remains our property at all times. (e) inform us as soon as possible by phone if the SIM card or mobile mobile card is partially lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed or can be used in an unauthorized manner, and cooperate with us in our appropriate security and other controls. (f) inform us immediately by teletting Tesco Mobile`s Customer Care if a person is claiming or threatening to take legal action against you in connection with your use of the monthly Tesco Mobile Pay service or content, and, at our request, you will immediately cease the act or act in question. If we ask you, you will need to confirm in writing the information about the claims. 3.5 Once we have learned that you wish to terminate your service contract, we will credit any amount we have debited from your credit or debit card if you have made your purchase. We will do so within 30 days of the retraction date, as long as you meet the requirements of this section 3. If you have used Tesco Mobile`s monthly pay-pay service, this usage is billed in accordance with paragraph 3.4 below. We will send you a final invoice with these fees.

The final tally must be paid up to the normal monthly payment date you chose when you purchased the monthly De Pay Mobile Tesco service. 4.4 If you sign up for the monthly Tesco Pay Mobile Service, you have the option to choose a date for payment of your bill, which will also determine when we will generate your bill (“bill date”). If you purchased your mobile phone through a credit, your billing date will be set in your credit contract.